Know the Facts about Botox in Los Angeles

Know the Facts about Botox in Los Angeles

Everyone wishes they could turn back the clock a bit. Who doesn’t want to look the way that they did ten or twenty years ago?. Over time, it is completely natural for wrinkles and worry lines to develop around your eyes and on your face and while it is natural, that does not mean it is something you want to happen to you. You would love to maintain smooth, beautiful, young-looking skin, but despite all your efforts and over-the-counter products you have tried, nothing seems to work. Now may be a good time for you to come to us at Venice Beach Surgical Center so you can learn the facts about Botox in Los Angeles and how it can help you.

Exposing the Myths of Botox

You may have been interested in learning more about Botox treatments for a while. But you have probably been afraid to do something about it. You may have seen people where their skin looks plastic or unnatural after treatment. The problem is that you see many people this way, including the rich and famous and celebrities because they have received treatments that were improperly administered or more than what was needed for treatment. Botox is not supposed to look that way. And when administered by an expert, it provides you with the appearance you want.

Know the Facts about Botox in Los Angeles

Botox Results and How They Last

When you come to us at Venice Beach Surgical Center for Botox in Los Angeles, we will make sure to tell you the important facts. One thing you should know is the expected time you can expect the treatment to last for you. Botox treatments are not permanent, and the injections typically last three to six months. The length a treatment lasts will vary from patient to patient. So if you want to maintain the look you receive, future treatments may be needed.

Consult with us about Botox Treatments

If you would like to learn more about treatments involving Botox in Los Angeles, please take the time to call us here at Venice Beach Surgical Center. You can contact our office by calling (310) 391-7143. We will be happy to arrange for a consultation so that you can come and speak with Dr. Augusto Rojas. You can discuss your treatment options and see if you are a good candidate for Botox treatments.